Weed Control

For help with weed control please contact:

Noxious Weed Department
Roy Bushek

Here is a list of Noxious Weeds and the herbicides you can use to eradicate them.

Weed: Kudzu
Clarity, Glyphosate, Tordon
Weed: Field Bindweed
2-4D, Clarity, Glyphosate, Tordon
Weed: Russian Knapweed
2-4D-LV, Clarity, Tordon
Weed: Hoary Cress
2-4D LV, Clarity, Escort
Weed: Canada Thistle
2-4D LV or Amine, Tordon, Clarity, Glyphosate, Telar
Weed: Quackgrass
Weed: Leafy Spurge
2-4D LV, Tordon, Clarity
Weed: Bur Ragweed
2-4D LV, Clarity, Tordon
Weed: Pignut
Weed: Musk Thistle
2-4D Amine or LV, Telar, Carity, Tordon, Escort
Weed: Sericea Lespedeza
Crossbow, Escort, Remedy
Weed: Multiflora Rose
2-4D LV, Clarity, Krenite-S, Glyphosate, Tordon, Arsenal
Weed: Johnson Grass
MSMA, Glyphosate, Treflan, Fusilade, Poast, Poast Plus, Beacon, Accent, Plateau

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