Treasurer’s Reminder

The “T,V & W” tags are due the last day of November. Bring in your proof of insurance for each vehicle.

Be sure and bring your Drivers License when you do title work.

If you have a heavy truck that requires a 2290 be sure you have filed with the IRS. In January that form will need to be stamped by the IRS to renew heavy trucks.

Property Tax Statements will be mailed the week of November 24, 1st half of taxes are due December 20, 2014

Please call the Treasurer’s office if you have questions.









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Weed Control

Here is a list of noxious weeds and the herbicides you can use to eradicate them.

Weed: Kudzu
Clarity, Glyphosate, Tordon
Weed: Field Bindweed
2-4D, Clarity, Glyphosate, Tordon
Weed: Russian Knapweed
2-4D-LV, Clarity, Tordon
Weed: Hoary Cress
2-4D LV, Clarity, Escort
Weed: Canada Thistle
2-4D LV or Amine, Tordon, Clarity, Glyphosate, Telar
Weed: Quackgrass
Weed: Leafy Spurge
2-4D LV, Tordon, Clarity
Weed: Bur Ragweed
2-4D LV, Clarity, Tordon
Weed: Pignut
Weed: Musk Thistle
2-4D Amine or LV, Telar, Carity, Tordon, Escort
Weed: Sericea Lespedeza
Crossbow, Escort, Remedy
Weed: Multiflora Rose
2-4D LV, Clarity, Krenite-S, Glyphosate, Tordon, Arsenal
Weed: Johnson Grass
MSMA, Glyphosate, Treflan, Fusilade, Poast, Poast Plus, Beacon, Accent, Plateau
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