Minutes 8/15/2013



15th, August 2013


kearny county hospital
Meeting called by Rosemary Bachman at 1775
Facilitator Rosemary Bachman
Note taker Nicole Martin
Attendees Fred Jones, Sharon Vanatta, Cathy Dreiling, Jerrad Webb, Sue Stingley, Dr. Arlo Reimer, Jade Carabajal-Richter, Kimberly Telford, Lora Jones, Rosemary Bachman, Nicole Martin, Cathy Hernandez, Tom Wright IV, Jed Purdy, Jim Jarboe, Dave Horner, Kathy McVey, Carolyn Henry, Tom Bachman, Rita Stockton, Ruth Eastin, Richard Everett, Cheryl Keim, Erica Tarpley, Benjamin Anderson, Heather Combs-Platter

Agenda topics


call to order

rosemary bachman


Minutes approval

rosemary bachman
Discussion Minutes approved as written



Discussion Chuck Clannihan had done a full assessment of the Kearny County Hospital.  Listed improvements that he had noticed, IT information, security, and alternative sights.


lepc sub-committee reports

Catherine hernadez
Discussion The state is in process of declaration in our area.


reports by members of the public

rosemary bachman
Discussion None


Unfinished business

rosemary bachman
  1. 1.      Nicole had stated website is up, still working out kinks.
  2. 2.      EOP- Don was to present, but unable to attend.
  3. 3.      Dave Horner presented CODE RED.  Every contact will need to be added for it to work.  Don will be talking to each entity separate to help facilitate their use of the system.   Our county website has link to the system.  A number issued will be a local number, so more people will answer.  Schools system is a total separate system – CODE ED.  Don will notify when shelters will be open.  He will speak with Mr. Panzer (in charge of CODE ED AT LAKIN) to notify where shelters are at.  Don will get with both school systems to facilitate. 
  4. 4.      MOU’s need to be turned into Sue Stingley.
  5. 5.      Worksheets were taken off agenda.


new business

rosemary bachman

  1. 1.      Ben Anderson presented the United Methodist Youth Ministry Program.  A grant within our community, which would allow for $150,000.  It will be a two part system.  1st year is $40,000 for a position and to start sharing data.  Once community data is collected and we can fix issues, then a reasonable program to meet the needs will be presented for remainder of the funds.
  2. 2.      Don wasn’t able to present-Done
  3. 3.      Voted to keep the same day.
  4. 4.      Sue is to put together a sign up form and release.  Will work with hospital, senior center, health department, and assisted living homes with in our community to get information attained.  Fred Jones offered to help with placement of signs for shelters to be placed in county.  Sue will keep the lists of patients. 


schedule next meeting

rosemary bachman
The next meeting was not scheduled.  An email will be sent out. 



rosemary bachman
Discussion Moved, seconded and carried unanimously to adjourn the meeting at 1900.