Minutes 1/30/14



30th, January 2014


kearny county hospital
Meeting called by Don Robertson
Facilitator Don Robertson
Note taker Nicole Martin
Attendees Sharon Vanatta, Cathy Dreiling, Jade Carabajal-Richter, Kimberly Telford, Lora Jones, Rosemary Bachman, Debbie Frederick, Nicole Martin, Cathy Hernandez, Tom Wright IV, Don Robertson, Gary Gilbert, Dave Horner, Kathy McVey, Tom Bachman, Ruth Eastin, Richard Everett, Bart Garcia

Agenda topics


call to order

Don robertson


Minutes approval

don robertson
Discussion A change was made, approved.



don robertson
Discussion None


lepc sub-committee reports

Don robertson
  1. 1.      Rosemary commented that the ESF8 and was looked over
  2. 2.      Rosemary commented the table top was well attended.  Strengths and weaknesses were communication.  Our new PIO, Kevin Campbell, was able to attend.
  3. 3.      Don commented the EOP plan needs to be spelled out, instead of abbreviated. It is difficult for Kevin Campbell to follow.


reports by members of the public

don robertson
Discussion A list of trainings were listed and a list with time, dates, and places will be emailed out.  Jade did comment that there will be April 5th in Garden City.  The SW Hospital Emergency Response Team will be hosting.  The class will be taught by Matt Shaw. 

April 10th @ 7 p.m. weather spotting training will be held at the Kearny County Library.  Highly suggested more of the EM’s, news, and weather reporters attend, so all will be on same page during a storm.

February 12th @ 11 a.m. @ Kearny County Hospital classroom the Grant Task Force meeting will be held.



Unfinished business

don robertson
  1. 1.      Don has every entity almost done.  The new employees are left.  Hospital will keep their own badges to get them through disaster scene, then a new badge will be issued at check in station. 


new business

don robertson
  1. 1.      Don will email Nicole with a list of all trainings to be sent out to LEPC group.
  2. 2.      The bids are out for a fully enclosed diesel mounted generator on a trailer.  This will allow for a quieter work environment and the old generator will be used as a scene light trailer, if passed by commissioners.
  3. 3.      The offices will remain the same.  Don as Chair, Rosemary as Co-Chair, Nicole as Secretary.  Voted and passed..
  4. 4.      Ben commented that a tela strobe program is being discussed, which would allow a robot to assist with medical care, such as a stroke victim, and a qualified specialist will be on the other end.  Education and training would also be part of the partnership.  
  5. 5.      SW Trauma Council had calendars to hand out
  6. 6.      Suggested meeting be posted in monthly calendar and put on local TV channel.


schedule next meeting

don robertson
April 24th, 2014, @ 5:00 p.m. Hospital meeting room.



don robertson
Discussion Moved, seconded and carried unanimously to adjourn the meeting at 1820.