Minutes 11/14/2013



14th, november 2013


kearny county hospital
Meeting called by Don Robertson
Facilitator Don Robertson
Note taker Nicole Martin
Attendees Cindy Broeckelman, Sharon Vanatta, Cathy Dreiling, Jade Carabajal-Richter, Kimberly Telford, Rosemary Bachman, Debbie Frederick, Nicole Martin, Tom Wright IV, Jed Purdy, Don Robertson, Gary Gilbert, Kathy McVey, Mark Goudy, Tom Bachman, Richard Everett, Keith Griesbrecht

Agenda topics


call to order

Don robertson


Minutes approval

don robertson
Discussion Minutes approved as written



don robertson
Discussion None


lepc sub-committee reports

Don robertson
  1. 1.      Rosemary commented that the ESF9 is reviewed twice a year.  The state has been sent a rough draft
  2. 2.      The table-top is scheduled for January 30th in Leoti.  Darcy Golliher was mentioned to use as a facilitator for the table top.  Melanie Saxton has been contracted for Health Dept.


reports by members of the public

don robertson
Discussion Richard Everette commented that IMT teams w IAP will have full blown drill.


Unfinished business

don robertson
  1. 1.      Everbridge is up and working.  Ruth Eastin had reported problems and Don will work with Sheriff’s office.
  2. 2.      Shelter signs have been approved by the commissioners.  Animal shelters still to be determined. 
  3. 3.      There will be a kickoff meeting for the grant that was issued for the hospital.  Questionnaires will be sent out to entities.  Also hospital is working on another grant.
  4. 4.      Code Red is out and is now Everbridge.  Code Ed is used in the schools.


new business

don robertson
  1. 1.      The ID cards being issued are very specific to your area of expertise.  All will need to be reported.  Don will work with each entity.  ALL STAFF will have to be issued per entity to ensure admittance.  All medical creditials must be reported with KSERV.
  2. 2.      Voted new members unanimous.  Cindy Broeckelman (City of Lakin), Benjamin Anderson (KCH), Heather Comps-Platter (KCH), Ron Jones (Fire), Peggy Calkins (Senior Center), Cheryl Keim (USD 216).
  3. 3.      A surprise party for Carolyn Henry’s retirement.  Contact Don for more information. 


schedule next meeting

don robertson
January 30th 2014, @ 5:00 p.m. Hospital meeting room.



don robertson
Discussion Moved, seconded and carried unanimously to adjourn the meeting at 1835.