Reminders from the County Treasurer’s Office

Reminder from the County Treasurer:

“U, X, Y, & Z” tags are due at the end of December. Bring proof of insurance for each vehicle.

Please come in early to renew your tags and driver’s license. If the state computer system is down, we can not process your requests.

You may bring your 2290 Forms stamped by the IRS if you are tagging trucks over 54,000 pounds. Help is no longer available with the 2290 at the courthouse. express

Please remember to renew your tags and drivers license at your earliest convenience; if there is trouble with the State Computer System, we are unable to process these items.

If you sell a vehicle, be sure to keep the tag. You are eligible for a refund on that tag or you may transfer the money that is left on it to a new vehicle. Do not let the buyer drive off with your tag. In Kansas, the tag belongs to the person-not the vehicle. Letting the buyer drive off with your tag could cause you grave legal consequences if that vehicle is in an accident.


If you have a truck that requires a 2290 (over 54,000 pounds) be sure you have filed with the IRS. In January the treasurer’s office has to have a stamped form to renew your heavy trucks.

Personalized Tags

 Applications should be made 2 months prior to your tag expiration date. If you would like to have the new plate at the time you renew, please apply early. Tags take 6-8 weeks to arrive after application approval. Application fee is $45.50.

Taxes & Distributions 

Property Tax Statements have been mailed. If you did not receive a statement, please contact the Treasurer’s office. The first half is due December 20.  Delinquent taxes need to be paid soon. Once a property is delinquent for three (3) years, it can be sold at a tax sale for the delinquent amount.

More information is available at the County Treasurer’s office.


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